Work in Japan

We introduce bilingual IT engineers who want to work in Japan and provide support such as interview preparation and Japanese language lessons to help them get job offers.

In addition to visa support, we also provide air tickets to Japan and housing in Japan, so even those working in Japan for the first time are welcome.

Advantages of Using Us

The rate of job offers from Japanese companies increases dramatically when you apply through us.

The following support is available free of charge, and we have a high offer rate and a proven track record of successful job offers.

Reasons for the high job offer rate ①

Unlimited interview preparation lessons by Japanese language instructors

It is difficult to conduct an interview in Japanese for the first time and to use business Japanese to convey your past experience and how you will contribute to the company.

Prepare for an interview with a Japanese language instructor.

You can continue practicing over and over again until you can answer all the questions perfectly, such as what questions you will be asked and how you should answer them.

Reasons for the high job offer rate ②

One-on-one support from professional career advisors

You don’t know how to make a Japanese-style application or what to emphasize in your resume, do you?

Even if you make your own application, you often end up with misspellings or fail to appeal well to the company and get rejected in the application screening process.

A Japanese career advisor will prepare your application documents to help you pass the screening process.

We will also provide you with all the information you need to pass the interview, such as the characteristics of the interviewer and what kind of person the company is looking for.

Reasons for the high job offer rate ③

A wide variety of educational materials such as interview preparation videos and business Japanese language videos

You want to know more about interviewing in Japan, or you want to study Japanese to prepare for an interview.

In response to this need, you can watch many interview preparation videos and videos to improve your Japanese language skills on Youtube.

You can read articles on interview preparation, so you can train your reading comprehension skills at the same time.

After reading the articles, you can take a mock JLPT test to increase your understanding.

Take the JLPT mock test

Contact us to work in Japan

Our career advisors, who are Japanese language instructors, will support you in finding a job in Japan.

We will negotiate the date of employment and handle difficult application documents such as COE applications, so you can work in Japan with peace of mind.

If you are interested in working in Japan or looking for a job in Japan, please contact us from here.