Mechanical Design Engineer in Japan

We are actively recruiting people who are foreign nationals and live overseas and wish to work in Japan. Subsidy for travel expenses to Japan and rent, Japanese lessons included

You will be responsible for design and development work for automobiles, aircraft, robots, home appliances, etc.

Job Details

■Automobile-related (passenger cars, commercial vehicles, special vehicles)
・Body, frame, and exterior design
・Interior-related parts design
・Engine design
・Power transmission-related design
・Chassis-related design
・Brake unit design
・Air conditioning-related design
・EV, HV, and FCV-related design (battery, capacitor, motor design)
・Wire harness-related design etc.

■Aircraft-related (airplanes, helicopters, rockets, etc.)
・Airplanes (wings, tails, fuselages, engines, interior equipment)
・Helicopters (tails, aircraft structures, engines and power units)
・Rockets (engines and power units, electrical systems, liquid tanks) etc.

■Industrial equipment, consumer equipment, and other related
・Heavy electrical equipment (generators, motors, transformers)
・Processing machines (multi-function processing machines, multi-function processing machines)
・Transportation equipment (conveyors, elevators)
・Office equipment (multi-function machines, injectors, printers)
・Consumer equipment (video and imaging equipment, in-vehicle equipment, air conditioning equipment)
・Medical equipment (imaging diagnostic equipment, treatment and surgery equipment)
・Other industrial machinery etc.

・Structural, strength and stress analysis
・Vibration, noise analysis
・Collision analysis
・Heat, fluid analysis etc.

・Support for obtaining residence status available
・Housing support available
・Language training available for foreign nationals


Monthly salary:250,000 yen – 508,000 yen
Salary increase:Once a year
Bonus:Twice a year

The above amounts are for reference only.
They will be determined according to the company’s regulations, taking into account experience and ability.
Monthly salary includes contribution allowance.

*There are also salary tables that are higher than the above estimated annual salary due to improved expertise.

Working hours

9:00-18:00 (8 hours actual work)
*May vary depending on location.
*Flexible working hours available depending on location
*Overtime pay is 100%.

Holidays and vacations

2 days off per week (Saturday, Sunday, and holidays) *124 days off per year
Golden Week holidays (9-10 days)
New Year’s holidays (9-10 days)
Summer holidays (9-10 days)
Paid vacation (granted according to company regulations from the date of joining)
Celebration and condolence leave
Special leave

Insurance/Employee benefits

Full range of social insurance (employment, industrial accident, health, welfare pension)

Commuting allowance
Overtime allowance
Defined contribution pension system
Employee savings plan
Employee stock ownership plan (parent company)
Qualification acquisition subsidy system
Training by rank (leadership training, management training, etc.)
Clubs, various recreational activities
Single dormitory (subsidized dormitory fee) / According to company regulations

Application Qualifications

Experience in mechanical design, evaluation, analysis, and CAD operation
Development experience with any of the following CADs
CATIA V5, NX, Solid Works, Auto CAD

Experience in these areas is a plus
・Experience using CATIA V5
・Experience using NX
・Project management experience
・Experience designing plastic parts (interior and exterior)

Expected work location

Kanto region.
*In the future, transfers may involve relocation to various parts of the country, mainly to Kanto, Tokai, Kansai, and Kyushu.
*Initial assignment will be decided after careful consideration of your desired work location and aptitude.